Scandal “White Hats Off” Review

The Scandal season premiere certainly hit the ground running. This was my introduction to the show, and as far as intros go, this wasn’t bad. The writing and acting were solid. I’m a Kerry Washington fan, and she brings both a tough edge and a vulnerability to Olivia. The character wouldn’t work without that balance, and Washington does a fine job with her. But before I get ahead of myself, here are a few points of interest:

The relationship between President Fitzgerald Grant and his first lady Mellie is quite sad. It’s really worse than being in an arranged marriage. It seems like they actually loved each other at some point. How or when that love-filled marriage turned into a marriage of necessity, I’m not entirely certain. However, the marriage they have now doesn’t seem like one either of them really want to be in. When most people find out they’re having a baby, they are happy. They plan baby showers and nursery colors. They don’t try to figure out how they can use "America’s Baby" to their political advantage. One thing is for certain, unless the first lady can figure out how to see her child as a beautiful gift and not as political capital, then that kid is in for one massively screwed up childhood. Read More...


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