Last Resort “Captain” Review

Wow. I thought this show would be good, but I honestly wasn’t expecting the pilot to be that good!

One of the fall’s most buzzed about new series debuted tonight with Last Resort, and our pilot episode titled "Captain". This has been the series that I’ve been most excited about for quite a while, and who wouldn’t be excited about this? You’ve got creator Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers), director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Goldeneye), and a great cast with Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman and Robert Patrick to name a few. How do you go wrong?

That isn’t to say our first episode was perfect, as there’s actually quite a few concerns to raise, the first of which being is that our first installment does feel a bit busy. Even though the episode does a great job introducing our main characters, and to a lesser extent the minor characters, there is a lot of people on this crew, not to mention everybody on the mainland. It’s tough not to feel a little too overwhelmed seeing all of these new faces so quickly. Basically all I got on episode one was that Andre Braugher is captain Marcus Chaplin and that he’s just as awesome as always, Scott Speedman plays his second in command Sam Kendal with a wife back home he wants to get back to, and Daisy Betts plays newly minted Lieutenant Grace Shepard with a big chip on her shoulder. Everybody else I will for now recognize as "Navy Seal guy", "beatboxing guy", "Guy from Arizona" or "Guy who played the gay guy on Glee". I assume some of these are just red shirts that will die soon, or that we’ll learn more about them in the coming season, but it does feel a little too crowded. Read More...


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