Glee “Makeover” Review

After two great opening episodes of Glee, the quality obviously had to let up at some point, and episode three, ‘Makeover,’ demonstrates that inevitable dip.

That’s not to say that it’s a terrible episode, but feels a lot more mixed-up and confused than the first two did and illustrates the potential pitfalls of this brave new structure. While the Lima storyline feels half thought out, for example, Kurt and Rachel’s experiences in New York are an exercise in treading water. A certain ex-boyfriend turns up in the final moments, however, and next week should finally see us getting somewhere with the graduates’ collective storyline. I’m still wondering where Santana, Mercedes, Quinn and Mike are, to be perfectly honest, and it bums me out when I think they might not be as big a feature as we first thought.

This week sees Rachel getting a makeover after she realises how similar she is to her old high-school self. Going to college is all about reinventing yourself, and it really is nice to see her dressed a little more edgy for a change. As Kurt later says, she threw away her reindeer sweater and that’s a huge step. Speaking of Kurt, "Makeover" sees the small-time fashionista score a job at It’s laughably easy for him to get his foot wedged in the door and, while I like the Sarah Jessica Parker character so far, she’s completely unbelievable as one of the editors at the top fashion magazine in the world. Read More...


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