The Big Bang Theory “The Date Night Variable” Review

Welcome back, my geek bretheren. The Big Bang Theory returned this week with "The Date Night Variable," and while we spent our summer missing our favorite nerds, Howard spent the first weeks of his marriage in space. They say no one can hear you scream there. They never heard Howard’s mother.

Even hovering above the Earth on the ISS, Howard couldn’t grow a pair and stand up to his mother. Somehow he managed to leave the planet without telling his Ma that he planned to move out of thehouse with Bernadette now that they’re married. Ma Wolowitz took it with grace, understanding, and absolutely no stereotypical Jewish mother…sorry, I can’t finish typing that sentence. Of course she took it badly and used every guilt trick in the book. And he caved in, although he lied to Bernadette and told her he stood up to his mother.

That’s going to go over great when he gets back. I know this is a bit and it’s one of the definingcharacteristics of Howard, but I am so over his mother. Of course, that might have something to do with me spending most of the summer with "Howard, it’s the phone!" as my ringtone. Read More...


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