The Office “Roy’s Wedding” Review

As we head into the final season, recurring characters from The Office past are expected to crop up, and as you might have guessed from the episode’s title, "Roy’s Wedding," this was no exception to the rule. Yes, the Roy of the title was indeed Pam’s ex (David Denman), and brother Kenny (Michael Patrick McGill) was on hand as well. Pam gets an unexpected invite to the wedding, where she discovers, much to her horror, that Roy has got it together. He’s rich, drives an expensive car, has a beautiful bride, and, to top it off, in a hilarious bit of detail, he’s learned to play piano and serenades his beloved with a little Billy Joel. The look on Pam’s face says it all.

As Pam worries whether she & Jim still have any surprises for each other, we can’t help but wonder the same thing. Granted, Jim has that side business thing going, which could easily go south, bringing about some changes of the bad variety- especially since Pam vetoed it in the first place & Jim did it anyway. We’ll see.

By contrast, Andy (Ed Helms) and Erin (Ellie Kemper) are still in the relatively cute stage. Their subplot is easily the episode’s best, with newbie Clark (Clark Duke) trying to do the casting couch type thing with Erin- and succeeding in convincing her to come to his place and shoot some audition footage for a newscaster job. Of course, Andy finds out and inserts himself into the situation, with admittedly amusing results. The news-casting angle also brings out the evening’s best line, a great off-color joke about Walter Cronkite (!) from Meredith (Kate Flannery). Read More...


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