Fringe “Transilience Thought Unifer Model-11? Advance Review

Fresh off of the greatest viral campaign in the history of television, Fringe returns tonight and immediately tosses us all into 2036 to join the Fringe team as they attempt to lead the resistance against the world’s new overseers, the Observers. It’s a grim, sad place where it’s nearly impossible to find music and eggs now come in stick form. I know that the dystopian future run by the Observers is filled more with broken souls and $3000 walnuts then music and hope, but to suck all of the fun out of Fringe is an interesting choice considering it’s the final season of the show. Throughout the four years of shape-shifting, parallel universes, and deaths that aren’t really deaths, we’ve always had time for some fun. Episode one just makes everything seem depressing. There is hope for the future, but you may leave the premiere thinking that the hope is a little misguided. Read More...


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