CSI: NY Season 9 Premiere Review “Reignited”

Going into this season- its ninth after a close call with cancellation- the producers of "CSI:NY" announced more of an emphasis on the main cast as characters, instead of the often typically faceless types that frequent most shows of this ilk.

(Side note: Alas, the pricier "CSI: Miami" instead got clipped -I think my Hi-Def TV will miss it most.oh well, there’s still "Burn Notice" for its/my Miami-based fix.)

That new approach was readily evident from the opening scene of the aptly-titled "Reignited," which took its sweet time getting reacquainted with our main cast. Of course, this being "CSI," the minute we see a heretofore unforeseen friend of a main character, we know they’re either about to get clipped or accused of murder before the hour’s up. Read More...



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