Made in Jersey “Pilot” Review

With all of CBS’ allotted attention focused on Elementary this 2012-2013 season, fellow pilot Made inJersey is left fighting for attention. This debut episode goes some distance to explaining why that could be a blessing.

Made in Jersey isn’t outright terrible, but hasn’t quite whittled its premise down to something very new, fresh or interesting. Martina Garretti is a beautiful, capable, New York lawyer who just so happens to come from New Jersey, and this leads to a half-thought out underdog story that strangely doesn’t take into account all of the things Martina has in her favour. She’s attractive and charismatic for one, and she’s brilliant at her job for another. Her harsh struggle is actually hard to decipher in this premiere, and it might have been more entertaining had the writers decided to follow her through the earlier stages of her career. Read More...


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