Haven “Stay” Review

All of last week’s business surrounding Audrey’s abduction took a back seat to the crew of cavemen that invaded Haven this week in "Stay." As expected, the caveman invasion turned out to be another Trouble-of-the-week mystery for Audrey, Nathan, and Duke to solve while collecting puzzle pieces of information related to Audrey’s past.

Those ravenous, vicious, cavemen turned out to be dogs in human form and were the result of Tor Magnusson’s Trouble. Because Magnusson had treated his family pet inhumanely, his Trouble was sparked and the dogs in Haven became humans. The particular pack that Audrey and Nathan were tracking were mostly feral dogs that had been captured by the local dog catcher. That explained their distrust of humans and their general aggressive behavior in their human form. Read More...



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Jun 6, 2016 2:45PM EDT

i really wanna know the song that played during this episodes credits!!!!!

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