Dexter Season 7 Review “Are you…?”

Well, here we are folks. Season freaking seven! After the largest cliffhanger in Dexter history last season, we finally get to find out just what happens after Deb catches Dexter red-handed in tonight’s premiere "Are you…?" Even though many Dexter fans believed the last season to be the weakest (including myself), I was willing to overlook the messy character developments, huge leaps in logic, and general sloppy story-telling as long as this season got off to a good start. So did it? Read on to find out!

The seventh season begins right where the last left off: With Deb seeing Dexter plunge a knife into Travis Marshall’s chest, and Dexter trying to explain to Deb what he’s just done. I’m sure many of you hardcore fans have either seen the opening scenes that Showtime released after Comic-Con, or maybe you’ve seen the spoiler-filled trailers they’ve been running on the channel for about a month, but I was actually very happy with the opening scene. I loved that Deb didn’t let Dexter off the hook immediately. Read More...


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