Homeland Season 2 Review “The Smile”

With one swift knee to the groin, Crazy Carrie has returned.

By the end of last season on Homeland, we knew several things: Brody was a terrorist, Carrie was clinically insane, Mrs. Brody was really attractive, and Saul was exceptional at both intelligence gathering and spreading peanut butter with a ruler. Also, after Carrie was disgraced in her dismissal from the agency before undergoing (valuable) memory erasing electroshock, we all knew that it was going to take quite a plot contrivance to get her back in the game. Certainly the cynical television watcher could look at the plot contrivance used to get Carrie on a plane to Cyprus and be disappointed, but I choose to look at the bright side of things really like Homeland so its okay. Carrie Mathison is back to doing Carrie Mathison things. Would you rather her stay home and make vegetable lasagna for the family? I thought not. Read More...



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