Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “Ear-sy Rider”

After a shorter-than-expected Season 2, Season 3 of Bob’s Burgers kicked off with "Ear-sy Rider," a Louise centered episode that let us see the crazy monster that those little pink bunny ears had soothed for so long.

After an overconfident Louise lost her prized pink bunny ears to a local high school bully, Logan, she made it her personal mission to recover them. Although her method of persistent annoyance was hysterical, I was fascinated by how her family reacted to Louise without her bunny ears.

The terrified looks on Tina and Gene’s faces when Logan ripped the ears off her head were telling, but they wouldn’t risk saying a word about it to Louise or their parents. Bob and Linda seemed able to accept that Louise would grow out of her bunny ear phase, but not out of hats altogether. Read More...


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