Revenge Season 2 Review “Destiny” – Round Two…Fight!

Revenge took us back to the Hamptons for another summer of intrigue and machinations with their season two premiere "Destiny." And just like a year ago, they gave us a flash-forward that predicts the death of an unknown character when Jack’s boat, the Amanda, sinks in three months time. But was that masculine arm Jack’s? Daniel’s? Conrad’s? Declan’s? No, too much hair to be Declan’s. If we’ve learned anything from last season, there’s a twist somewhere and we can guess all we want, but it won’t be what we expect.

I know I’m jumping the gun here a little bit, but how glad are we all that Victoria isn’t dead? Just as many people predicted, the government is keeping her hidden while they build a case against Conrad. Only Charlotte knew, but when it became clear that her father was keeping her in rehab by paying her counselor to mess up her drug tests, she whispered the secret to Emily. On the pretense of helping Victoria deal with the scummy counselor, Emily managed get a clam cam (so much catchier than last year’s dolphin cam) into her cabin, only to witness Victoria putting out a hit on her via the white-haired man who not only killed her father, but in all likelihood took care of her mother, as well. Read More...


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