South Park Review: That's a Great Idea!

It’s time for the kickoff of the fall portion of South Park season 16, and because I am a clever writer, that’s a pun meaning that "Sarcastaball" is a football satire.

The whole affair was on-target with its lampooning of football, while also staying true to the characters. It played off of Randy’s propensity for sarcasm, and it mixed in current events – at least current sporting events – in a way that the best episodes of the series are made of. Of course it took the whole "sarcastaball" concept too far beyond its logical extreme into areas no one should have to see. Being on cable helps. And of course, an episode about the NFL and football right now couldn’t be made without referencing the controversy over the replacement referees, and the episode made sure to reference the terrible call from the Packers-Seahawks game this past Monday, That’s what the quick turnaround time of the show can do, and hey, someone not on Twitter had to make fun of the refs, even if the lockout finally ended around the time the joke was made. But the memory and the mockery remain. Read More...


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