The X Factor: Preteens Who Can Actually Sing Need Not Apply

The end of Wednesday's X Factor employed one of the cheapest cliff-hangers in the book — will the sickly contestant live to audition? — which means there was no time for silly pre-taped bits about straw hats and tiaras on Thursday's episode. Instead, we cut back right back to 13-year-old Trevor Moran who still looks unresponsive after passing out in his mother's lap while waiting to audition.

Trevor's eyes soon open and it turns out he was dehydrated, which means he's already halfway on the road to stardom! Way to give it 100 percent, Trev! Pretty much the first words out of his mouth are about his audition. But when he gets to the stage, Simon Cowell could seemingly care less about his health scare. "You got one chance at this so you...


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