'Grey's Anatomy' Season Premiere Review: Everybody's Leaving, Everybody's Dying

Welcome back, Grey's Anatomy fans! Where to begin? Given that last season ended with a plane crash, I wasn't expecting fun and frolic in the season premiere. Having said that, "Going Going Gone" was even more depressing than I anticipated. Yikes! In addition it was the dawn of a new era. Some things were the same except ... not. Other things were very, very different. The episode flashed forward three months after the crash (apparently we'll fill in the gaps next week) and it soon became apparent that this was not business as usual.

A Tale of Two Baileys
One of the things I liked very much about the episode was the homage paid to the show's past. From the opening music (the same song opened the series' premiere episode, 101: "A Hard Day's Night") to an intern being chosen to fail performing their first surgery (RIP George O'Malley), long-time fans took a stroll down Memory Lane. Remember when Miranda Bailey was The Nazi? She abandoned that nickname after operating on a white supremacist, but that's not the point. Miranda Bailey used to invoke fear in her interns. She made them quake. She commanded respect. Now, apparently, she makes them laugh. Happy at last with fiancee, Ben, Miranda's new nickname is BCB: Booty Call Bailey. Oh, the indignity of it all.  That needs to change. Pronto.



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