Parks and Recreation Review: Diet Water Zero Lite

The brief excitement of visiting Washington D.C. to visit Ben has subsided and now Leslie is moving on to what she's always wanted.  In "Soda Tax," we get to see her make actual changes in her town so it's no wonder she's throwing up her 128 oz. soda!  Leslie thinks so highly of Pawnee, its citizens, and her community, a decision that holds some real weight for them, and for her, is definitely enough to make her retch (that and the fact that she drank two gallons of soda).

By the way, this is Pawnee, Indiana.  They should be calling soda, pop!  I know because I'm from the Midwest myself.  Minor oversight for a pretty great episode, so I'll let it go.  Some of the best scenes in this episode were with Kathryn Pinewood, who just had every excuse in the book for why 64 - 512 ounce sodas should exist and how they actually help Americans.  I love that the 512 ounce was called the "child" size because it is actually the size of a small child. Read More...


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