'Fringe' Season 5 premiere review: Will the future get the better of the Bishop family?

In tonight's game-changing episode, "Fringe" completely reinvented itself. With the reigns off for its final 13 episodes -- and no pressure to bring in new viewers, only to satisfy longtime fans -- show runner J.H. Wyman was able to approach the season as if it were a movie. Season 5 is presented as its own, standalone story written as a love letter to the fans who have been loyal since day one. When we last saw Walter in 2012, the Observer September visited him in the lab, warning, "They are coming." As we already knew from Episode 419, "Letters of Transit," the Observers would ultimately take over the world, polluting it until it was uninhabitable by humans. We learned in tonight's Season 5 premiere that with September's help, Walter was able to spend a few years working on a plan to defeat the Observers when the time came. However, because Observers are capable of...



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