Fringe Season 5 Premiere Review: 'Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11'

Last night’s episode of Fringe picks up not where season 4 left off in May, with Olivia and Peter finding out that they’re going to be parents, but immediately following episode 4.19, "Letters of Transit." In that no-longer standalone episode, we’re introduced to a 2036 that has seen 21 years of rule by the Observers: after poisoning the planet in their own future, they jumped back to 2015 to take the planet from present-day humans. Fringe Division initially put up a fight, but the best hope of resistance died when our team disappeared. Unsurprisingly, the team became something of a legend, with some believing that they might one day return. Enter Etta Bishop: Olivia and Peter’s adult daughter, now a Fringe Division agent, who is a member of the Resistance hell-bent on finding her family. "Letters of Transit" ended with Etta freeing Walter, Peter, and Astrid from a 20 year imprisonment in Amber, but left us wondering where Olivia could be. Read More...


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