'Doctor Who' recap: Death is inevitable in 'The Angels Take Manhattan'

Would Amy Pond and Rory Williams' exit from "Doctor Who" mean death for one, or both, of them? We've been living with the question ever since the announcement last year that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill's time on the show was coming to an end. Now, we have the answer.Yes, Amy and Rory died. But not in the sort of unbearably tragic, "How could they?!?!," fashion that may have done severe psychological damage to the many younger fans of "Doctor Who." Instead, the end of the Ponds was actually quite romantic, befitting the only married couple to ever serve as The Doctor's companions.They were zapped into the past by those nasty time energy-eating Weeping Angels, and due to convolutions and contrivances of plotting their deaths became fixed points in time. Not even The Doctor could save them. But even though the Angels left Amy and Rory trapped outside of their normal timeline, they were able...



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