Parenthood Sneak Peeks: Max's Campaign for Student Council President

parenthoodKristina and Adam have been put through the wringer yet again on Parenthood, as the parents of three are currently dealing with breast cancer after sorting out potentially traumatic financial difficulties from last season and sending their oldest daughter to college on the other side of the country. After all that, you'd think they'd have a moment to breathe, but the chance of that passed last week once Max burst into their bedroom talking about running for student council president. Uh oh.

In the sneak peeks from the next episode of Parenthood, Max is going full steam ahead with his campaign, demanding materials to make posters and having gotten the 25 signatures needed to enter the race. Or did he? While the idea of asocial Max extending himself to 29 people (4 said no) and politely talking them into signing his petition is touching, Kristina's reaction once she looks at the sheet isn't exactly definitive. Once full of pride at her son's progress, she gets a more emotional look on her face, suggesting that the 25 names might not be legitimate. Max may have gotten 25 people to sign, but did he get 25 people to sign with their actual names? Or is his petition covered in fake names from people trying to get Max to leave them alone? Read More...


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