Once Upon a Time Preview: What's Coming Next?

Once Upon a Time returned for its second season with a few revelations tonight.  Despite Mr. Gold bringing magic to Storybrooke, it doesn't operate the same as it did in the fairy tale world.  Regina learned this quite well when she couldn't summon her powers at the beginning of the episode.  More importantly, we learned what happened to the fairy tale world after Regina's curse took effect.  It turns out that the curse only affected a portion of that world.  The rest of it was frozen in time until Emma got time moving again in Storybrooke.  Then Prince Phillip and Mulan managed to awaken Aurora from her Sleeping Beauty coma.  Despite Phillip being marked by a wraith and giving his own life to save both women, there's still a great deal of work to do in order to rebuild the fairy tale world.  Unfortunately, Aurora and Mulan now have two unexpected guests.  Emma and Mary Margaret were both transported into the fairy tale world when they helped Regina rid Storybrooke of a wraith that Mr. Gold had set on her. Read More...



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