Family Guy Review: King of the Mountain

What drives a person to climb Mount Everest? Is it the thrill of conquering what few have conquered? To go as high as one man can go? To stick it in the face of some hoity-toity rich family? If you're the Griffins, it's that last reason, and the premise of "Into Fat Air," the season 11 premiere of Family Guy.

I found myself disappointed by the scenario that unfolded, really. There was very little tension throughout the episode, especially on the ascent, which was never really frightening; while Peter fell seemingly to his doom at one point, he was definitely safe, and a joke opportunity about not dying due to a cushion of dead bodies was taken. Well-played, show. The Fishmans having beat the Griffins after all was somewhat deceptive due to the shots showing the Griffins alone on the mountains, so it seemed more like narrative convenience than anything, especially as at one point they were ahead.  Read More...


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