'Dexter' - 'Are You...?' recap: What, me, a serial killer?

"Dexter's" Season 7 premiere was every bit as good as we expected -- and so much more. Before picking up in those crucial seconds in the church after Deb discovers her brother killing Travis Marshall, the show opens with a flash-forward to Dexter apparently on the run. Miami's most prolific serial killer is racing to the airport with a getaway bag full of cash, which he has to use to pay for gas, and a one-way ticket to Budapest, after all his credit cards are declined. This does not bode well for Deb's reaction in the church. "Pretty f***ing weird": On this point, both Deb and Dex agree: the tableau Dex has created to off Travis is quite peculiar. Once her initial shock wears off, Deb starts questioning why, if Dex killed Travis in self-defense, he was wrapped in plastic on an altar. Dexter manages to placate her for now by saying that as a...



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