Major Crimes Season 1 Review “Dismissed with Prejudice”

Tonight’s episode of Major Crimes, "Dismissed with Prejudice," started with a flashback…how did we know? It had that out-of-whack off-kilter color scheme thing happening, for one; more importantly, it had Lt. Tao (Michael Paul Chan) sporting a full-on 70?s porn-style ‘stache! Oh yeah! (Okay, the flashback was actually set only eight-and-a-half years ago, but I know a 70?s mustache when I see one…)

I kid Major Crimes, but it’s with love, I assure you. Truth is, I always enjoy a closer look at The Closerteam’s individual members, and hoped that we would get more of it on the spin-off, and that has essentially proven true.

Tonight was Tao’s turn, and it was a pretty good- if a bit predictable- tale of a father who may not have killed his wife, despite the hard evidence and compelling testimony from his own daughter way back when. Turns out some new DNA evidence has cropped up and that, combined with the father having won over the daughter to his innocence, results in the father being set free. Or should I say, to the case being… "Dismissed with Prejudice"! (See what I did there?) Read More...


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