The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Protect and Serve” – More Arbitrary Stuff Happens

The short version of this review of the latest episode of The Mob Doctor is "UGH!" The long version is this:

Grace and the doctors are charged with helping a family survive a terrible car accident. The wife needs brain surgery ASAP. The father needs his hip popped back into place and some relatively minimal care. The young son (and avid soccer player) needs help with his leg, and the little girl is fine. Or so we think. The girl seemed like she had minimal injuries, even with the threat of hurt lungs, but suddenly, the young girl’s heart stops. Grace is devastated by the death, "perfect student" doctor Olivia wants to cut the girl open for "practice" (an action that makes her seem too much like a cookie-cutter villain) and the head doctor, Dr. Stafford White (Zeljko Ivanek), tells Grace to take a break. Cue the call from Constantine for her assistance. Read More...


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