Revolution Season 1 Review “No Quarter” – In Which the Most Effective Weapon is Asthma

This week on Revolution in ‘No Quarter’, Charlie, Miles and Nora try to help the members of a rebel base that’s under siege; Aaron and Maggie explore Grace’s house for clues about turning on the power; and Danny faces off with the best friend of the soldier he killed.

Last week’s episode ended on a high with the reveal of rebels, who want to bring back the United States and bring down the Monroe Republic. This week we actually got to meet some of the rebels and, well, it wasn’t looking good. We meet them at their lowest, post-attack, with injured dying and the Militia heading their way. It’s a bad situation, and we know this because while Miles sensibly points out that they have to get moving, Charlie stands around doing an angsty face. While a lone gunman (perhaps my second favourite person of the episode) sits on the roof with the stolen sniper rifle and picks off any Militia who get too close, the folk inside the building try to tunnel their way out. It’s a ridiculous plan, and eventually the Militia get inside, trapping them, but not before Miles takes a Militia leader called Jeremy hostage. Read More...


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