The New Normal Season 1 Review “Nanagasm” – Jane Learns She’s A Woman

This episode was a more Jane-centric episode, and for that, I’m glad. Even though she’s a bigot, Jane is becoming one of my favorite characters because there’s an underlying layer of humanity beneath her bigotry. It would seem that a lot of her bigotry comes from hurt and pain, which is something we saw tonight.

We find Jane at the bar, either drowning her sorrows of not being at home or celebrating the lawsuitagainst Goldie, which could take them back home. A young man, a vitamin salesman, starts hitting on her and Jane finds herself in a predicament she hadn’t been in in a long time–being the object of affection. Eventually, things get carried away and Jane ends up having a one night stand.

However, being so far removed from sexual activity, Jane takes herself to the doctor’s office, only to find her doctor being David. Eventually, after insulting Indian doctors, Jane gives in to David and tells him about her "grand mal seizure." David informs her that all she had was an orgasm. Read More...


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