Boardwalk Empire Recap: Make the World Smooth for Me

We open with Nucky, in his office, as a character in his own dream. We know this for sure once the objects in his hands keep changing from shot to shot. At first, though — and plausibly enough — he’s grasping a phone, which he’s using to try to call Billie Kent in New York. Nothing doing there (apparently for days now). Signaling dreamland for sure, the operator tells Nucky: "The only thing to worry about is when you run out of company, sir." Subtle, dream-script!

Then he’s got a frying pan full of bacon. There’s a towheaded kid in front of Nucky’s desk. So the dreamer asks, "Hungry, Slugger?" Then he looks at the kid again, who now has a nifty bullet hole on the side of his face. Nuck expresses a druggy sort of shock, as the camera swings down to reveal a revolver in the hand that was just proffering pork. Read More...


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