'Castle' Recap: Castle and Beckett Face Their First Relationship Hurdle

Every relationship has its own share of problems. The first fight, the angry silence, the time you have to go on a fake date with a television reporter and accidentally make it to second base. You know, normal couple stuff.

This week, Castle settled into its groove and began to answer the chief question on fans' minds after the dramatic, romantic and huge season premiere. That question being: just how will the show deal with Castle and Beckett as a couple, instead of just as a sexual tension machine? The answer, thus far, is humorously.

Castle has always been closer to the comedy than drama side of the dramedy equation. If there's one thing Castle writers know how to do, it's crafting a good pun or setting up a funny scene. This is wise, because Nathan Fillion's innate charm lends even the most mundane scenes with energy. Now that Castle and Beckett are together, the writers are mining comedy out of their feeble attempts to keep their relationship to themselves.

How well will Castle and Beckett hide their relationship from their detective coworkers? Only time will tell, but judging by this episode, it's only a matter of time before someone discovers their secret. My money's on Lanie.



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