Supernatural Season 8 Review “We Need to Talk About Kevin” – What a Difference a Year Makes

In the Supernatural Season 8 premiere, called "We Need to Talk About Kevin," Dean comes back from Purgatory to find that nothing is as he left it, not even his brother.

Okay so this isn’t the first time that the boys have been separated by time and an alternate dimension, but I’d say that this is probably the most different they both have been when reuniting after said separation.

Let’s start with Dean. In my Supernatural Chat article this week I talked about the changes we were likely to see in him and while we did see some of that, we also saw something I did not expect. I know that Dean was down there for a long time. I know that he had to learn how to survive. What I didn’t know is that he would grow to basically like it. But when he told Sam that Purgatory was "pure," I could see that’s how he felt. And in a way, it makes sense. Dean after all comes from a long line of hunters, so being a warrior is in his blood. Sending a man like that to Purgatory could bring out that basic animal instinct in him. As much as Dean got used to that life though, I was happy to see that overall he’s adjusted fairly well to being back on earth again. I was afraid he’d be speaking in nothing but grunts and eating his food off the ground. Read More...


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