The Neighbors Season 1 Review “Journey to the Center of the Mall” – The Pilot, Part Two

Before I begin recapping this episode of The Neighbors, let me add some things to my growing list of Zabvronian culture, since 1) I forgot to add one thing from last time and 2) we learn new things about Zabvronians at the beginning of the episode instead of throughout like last time:

  • The male Zabvronian bears the children
  • They are not interested in kidnapping Earth children (especially the Weaver kids)
  • Their planet has five rings as well as an atmosphere that isn’t breathable by humans (but they can breathe ours somehow)
  • Humans aren’t supposed to know about Michael Bay. I assume he’s an alien, too.
  • This episode is all about back-to-school stuff. I think it probably would have been more pertinent if this episode aired during August, the back-to-school month, but whatever. Read More...


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