Looper - Review

LOOPY LEVITT Joseph Gordon-Levitt runs away from his future self

The smart time-traveling sci-fi thriller Looperimagines a world just near enough to look familiar, and just futuristic enough to be chillingly askew. The year is 2074 — when, come to think of it, today's college freshmen will still be roaming the earth. Yet time travel is already possible, if illegal, given the havoc such historical leapfrogging could wreak. The situation is good business, though, for a ring of gangsters led by a mysterious boss called the Rainmaker, who, with his henchmen, runs a lucrative assassination business in the shadows: They ship designated victims back in time 30 years and employ Mob foot soldiers, called ''loopers,'' stationed in 2044 to take care of business — no muss, no fuss, no evidence. The bound and hooded victim arrives zzzzp through a wormhole in time and space, and the looper shoots the vickablooey dead (a clunky blunderbuss is the firearm of choice). Then the assassin collects his pay, parties hard (numbed by recreational drugs in the form of eyedrops), and waits for his next job. Read More...



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