Pitch Perfect - Review

POWER BELTER Rebel Wilson tackles the competitive world of college a capella in Pitch Perfect

If you liked the early episodes of Glee and then thought it slid from easy-listening fun to shrill camp, you'll know what I mean when I say thatPitch Perfect, an in-your-face campus comedy, seesaws from cringeworthy to irresistible and back. Beca (Anna Kendrick), an aspiring music producer whose laptop is filled with homemade beats and mash-ups, arrives as a first-year student at Barden University, where she thinks she's landed on a foreign planet. Everyone not only belongs to an a cappella group but treats squeaky-clean pop singing as a kind of sorority initiation rite, complete with the icky tendency to put "aca" (as in "a cappella") in front of other words ("I think that we're gonna be aca-awesome!"). Read More...



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