30 Rock Season 7 Review “The Beginning of the End”

When Bob Greenblatt made his appearance at the TCA convention this summer, he discussed the Thursday comedies in respectful tones before basically putting them all on notice. As a result, we get one more season of 30 Rock, a likely final season of Parks and RecreationCommunity‘s Friday exile, and The Office‘s mercy killing. While there may be rabid defenders of, and widespread critical acclaim for, most of these fun little shows, there’s no escaping the fact that these shows (with the exception of The Office) draw horrendous ratings. Thanks to NBC ineptitude, they’ve managed to stay on the air for several years past what other networks would deem appropriate. Television people all over the internet (and some crazy things called newspapers) simply glossed over it by saying that NBC must not have had anything else to put on the air or that every show’s ratings were terrible so why not continue with these shows that critics like and win awards. What if something more underhanded and genius was occurring? What if Greenblatt was thinking on a Jack Donaghy level? What if NBC was tanking it so they could build something better out of the rubble? Read More...



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