Last Resort Season 1 Review “Blue on Blue”

While the first episode of any series is very important in setting the tone and establishing the characters of a television show, the second episode is also very important as it usually gives us a better idea of what kind of show we’re going to get week to week. Last Resort had the best pilot of any new show this fall, but "Blue on Blue" was just about as good of a follow up as could be expected.

The episode focused mostly on people trying to show their strength and establishing their dominance, and we see this happening on and off the island. We get our first look at the crew of the Illinois, which is the ship that fired on the Colorado last week, and this time we were actually shooting back! The bomb may have been deactivated before it struck, but it was definitely a nice flexing of the muscle to remind people not to cross their boundary. We also got our first look at the Perseus, which is apparently a prototype cloaking device that renders your submarine invisible to any enemy radars. You can bet this technology is going to come into play again soon. Read More...


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