Glee Season 4 Review “The Break-Up”

Well that was traumatic. Long-time Glee fans have known episode four, ‘The Break-Up’ meant trouble in store for all of their favourite relationships, but I’m sure no one could have quite predicted the mass culling that we’ve been handed.

Starting with Rachel and Finn, which can be expected, the pair of them begin in much the same way as they ended things last year. Finn knows that he doesn’t belong with Rachel, whether it’s because of real issues or his own crippling insecurity, but plays along passive-aggressively anyway. Rachel, conversely, pretends everything is absolutely fine, and attempts to integrate Finn into her New York life. It doesn’t work, of course, and jealously over her brief dalliance with Brody gets the better of an already spiralling Finn. Their status is left deliberately uncertain, but not before a heartbreaking speech from Rachel in the McKinley auditorium. Read More...


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