CSI: NY Season 9 Review “Where’s There’s Smoke”

More or less picking up where last week left off, this week’s CSI:NY episode was somewhat ironically entitled "Where’s There’s Smoke." How so? On account of the fact that, despite his reputation as a fire-bug, evil mastermind Leonard Brooks (Rob Morrow) actually found a way to kill people without actually setting them on fire or setting fire to their surroundings, per se.

This made for some admittedly pretty nifty kills, as one character boiled to death without ever being physically touched by fire- essentially from the inside out- and another actually added fuel to the fire, if you’ll pardon the pun, by trying to douse the fire in his belly with nothing more than water, resulting in one of the more graphic CSI autopsies ever shown. Don’t know how accurate the science behind all this was, but it was a neat idea to think about, if incredibly grisly. It was almost…Holmes-ian, or at the very least, Poe-like. Read More...



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