Merlin Series 5 Review “Arthur’s Bane (Part 1)” – Mining Knights Are a Boon

Series five of Merlin begins with the first episode of a two-parter, in keeping with a tradition begun two series ago. In ‘Arthur’s Bane (Part 1)’, the eponymous king leads his knights towards Ismir, a less-than-pleasant wintery kingdom, to find Gwaine and the sixty knights who were previously sent to investigateand never returned. Who has them? Morgana, of course.

Morgana is searching for a key to power — it’s vague — which lies below the castle she is inhabiting. Locating it involves mining, and the captured knights are quickly put to work. After many (many) scenes in which Gwaine and Percival mine (topless) or sleep (again, topless), Gwaine gets a mysterious visitor: a strange glowing inhuman figure…


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