Haven Season 3 Review “The Farmer”

Before they got word of a grisly attack on a jogger in the woods of Haven, "The Farmer" picked up with Duke asking Audrey to ditch work and enjoy life with him little. After all, she’s presumably got 46 days left in Haven, and if she’s not here for a long time, Duke would like to make sure she’s here for a good time. It didn’t sound like a terrible plan to me, but Audrey has pretty much always had a one track mind – the Troubles.

This time, Haven was being plagued with a Trouble that turned its victim/attacker into a grotesque organ stealing monster. This Trouble was more disturbing than most Troubles on Haven recently, not just because of the damage it could cause to innocent people, but because of how disgusting and gory the attack itself was. Read More...



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