The Simpsons Season 24 “Treehouse of Horror XXIII” Review

The annual Halloween episode of The Simpsons is an institution by now, a way for the show to get wacky to an extent it usually doesn’t. (Although, some would argue, largely correctly, that in its old age, the show has been doing that in standard episode more often than not.) Nothing shows that off tonight better than the opening sequence, in which we’re treated to our familiar Springfield residents all dressed up in ancient Mayan garb as well as a present-day apocalypse.

Rather than parodying any one specific movie or cultural object, the show just takes an idea and runs with it, adding giant stone monsters as it sees fit, as well as our one Kang and Kodos sighting of the night. It’s fun, and doesn’t wear out its welcome, and the idea of nightmare end-of-days Mayan gods being immature enough to make the Mount Rushmore heads kiss, like a little girl with her Barbies, tickled me, so the episode was off to a good start. Read More...


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