American Dad Season 8 “Killer Vacation” Review

"Killer Vacation" sounds like it’d be a bloody episode of television, but nothing in this American Dad is quite as gross as last week’s over-the-top torture. Instead, what we get is a tropical vacation heavy on old-people jokes and relationship woes, with one extended action scene towards the end that gives the episode its title.

What gore there is mostly comes from the Steve plot, which was the least successful of the evening. The only high point comes early, when Steve arrives at the Kids’ Camp only to find a bunch of toddlers, and denies the nanny’s cookie offer with "Ginger snap? Ginger slap!" It was a cheap laugh, but it worked much better than the aimless "British accents are charming" story that followed. None of the horrible things Steve is convinced to do made me laugh, and the payoff was the kind of tired horny teen jokes theseries always leans on for the character. Read More...


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