The Good Wife Season 4 “And The Law Won” Review

Things are not always what they seem. That seems to be the takeaway from "And the Law Won." Alicia sort of made a new friend. Will’s case takes a rather unexpected turn. And I’m still trying to figure outwhat the heck is going on with Kalinda and her husband. This episode of The Good Wife was fairly standard fair, but it was fairly solid nonetheless.

A few observations about "And the Law Won":

The case at the center of this week’s episode was a mother suing the city for the wrongful death of her son. An overzealous police officer pepper sprayed and tazored her son while he was participating in a war protest resulting in his death. It was Will’s first case back after his suspension ended, and he needed to win it. The win wasn’t just to prove that he’s back. The firm is also desperately in need of cash, and winning a big case against the city would help the firm a great deal. For a minute though, it looked like Will was off his game. Due in part no doubt to the jurors asking questions of the witnesses. I just want to pause for a second here and say what a bad idea it is for jurors to ask questions. I’ve served on a jury. And it’s frustrating to have questions that the attorneys don’t address. But people watch an episode of Perry Mason and they think they know the law. So they come to a courtroom trying to make things look like they do on tv. That’s not the way the law works. Also the judge is supposed to be impartial. He is supposed to ensure that the law is being followed. He is not supposed to help the defendant just because he presents a research study from Harvard. Ultimately, Will was able to negotiate a decent settlement. But quite frankly, it’s just a drop in the bucket for the kind of funds the firm needs. Read More...


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