Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “We Are Both” – There’s No 12-Step Program for Magic

We learned something important in "We Are Both," this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, and I’m not even talking about the fate of Regina’s mother or how far back Regina’s working relationship with Rumplestiltskin went. No, we learned that there are still stories to be told from the Enchanted Forest before the curse, which means we will be keeping up with two universes and two timelines. Just to showhow crazy that is, I spent the past couple of minutes trying to figure out if I got that sentence right. I’m not entirely certain that I did.

So, let’s go back to what we know for sure. The citizens of Storybrooke might know who they are now, but they’re still trapped by the curse. Anyone who tries to leave the city limits has their fairy tale identity wiped from their mind, seemingly forever. Sorry, Sneezy. Even Gold is at the mercy of this new twist of the curse. Oh, and August/Pinocchio did not turn back into a real boy when the curse was lifted, but he does seem to be awake and aware. Unfortunately, he also disappeared by the time Gepetto learned where he was. Their reunion will have to wait. Read More...



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