Revenge Season 2 Review “Resurrection” – The Phoenix from Hell

Just when you think Conrad and Victoria can’t get any lower, they manage to find a new, previously unattained level of scum. In "Resurrection," this week’s episode of Revenge, Victoria called on her ex to help her stage a re-entry into the world that caught even Emily by surprise.

Of course, this was after Conrad stole all the money in Charlotte’s trust fund and Victoria found herself with no other option but to frame White Hair for her abduction, as she was counting on that money to payhim to take care of Emily. It’s too bad that Daniel only sees Ashley as a cute piece of rebound tail; she would fit in quite well with his family. What exactly is her game anyway? Does she really just want to be the next Victoria? I kind of hope she’s playing an angle we just don’t know about yet. Read More...


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