Family Guy Season 11 Review “Ratings Guy”

With a show centering on the Griffins becoming a Nielsen family, you’d expect the pop culture references to fly fast and furious, but once again, there was a welcome bit of restraint in the latest episode, "Ratings Guy." That’s not to say there weren’t plenty to go around, just low by "Family Guy" standards, and this time, with a notable difference: they actually got a lot of the celebrities to take part in the jokes at their own expense. Save maybe Cary Elwes.poor, poor Cary Elwes, lol.

The bit with Peter assigning material to TV writers was priceless, with JJ Abrams (voicing himself) being told, and I quote: "You take wonder and complexity and present it in a way no one can possibly understand." Peter also adds a tree to "One Tree Hill," orders 15 workplace comedies where the cast talks to the camera for no apparent reason (one exec promptly does), and orders 6 more "Law and Order" spin-offs from Dick Wolf (also playing himself), who he also directs to marry Matt Weiner so that he can be Dick Weiner. Wolf: "Couldn’t we be Dick Wolf-Weiner?" Peter: "I love it even more!" Read More...


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