The Cleveland Show Season 4 Premiere Review “Escape from Goochland”

Last week, in my review of the "Family Guy" premiere,
I commented on how little creator Seth MacFarlane leaned on pop culture references in the episode, and how that was a good thing. Well, it’s no wonder he didn’t do it on that show, as he was apparently saving it for the premiere of "The Cleveland Show," entitled "Escape from Goochland."

Stuffed to the brim with pop culture nods, the show at least gets points for being arcane. I mean, Toonces the driving cat? The Warriors? A John Cougar Mellencamp joke? (Okay, that last one was funny: a sign advertised a JCM cover band called "James Lion Canteloupetnet".at the Northern Aggression Memorial Stadium, no less. Ah, freeze frame jokes, how I love thee.) Read More...


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