Boardwalk Empire Season 3 “Blue Bell Boy” Review – AmbitiousTeen Boys Need Not Apply

This week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire may not have been the most exciting hour of television in the series but it did provide further insight into some of the show’s central characters.

Al Capone

Much like Gyp Rossetti, I find myself holding my breath when someone pisses off Al Capone. However, unlike Gyp, we at least understand the cause of his frustrations. With Capone, I rarely see a middle ground with him once you’re on his bad side. Capone just seems to lack any ability to stop himself once he commences a beat down. The physical outpouring of his anger seems to always culminate in death.

Likewise, O’Banion and his men seem to always find themselves at the cross-hairs of Capone’s sensitivity about his son’s hearing impairment and anger towards their infringement upon his business ventures. Although they found themselves there unintentionally this week, it still proved to be fatal. Read More...


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