The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Change of Heart” – No Cliffhangers, Just More Randomness

The original subtitle to this review was going to be "I’m Glad the Mid-Season Break Is Here," since the show won’t be back until early November. Even still, you would think the show would end with some type of mid-season cliffhanger, but there’s not really much of anything that leaves you hanging on the edge.

Moretti–played by one of my favorite people, Michael Rappaport–is back, and he’s out for blood. He’s looking to get even with one of the mobsters that ratted him out long ago. So he gets Franco to tail this girl named Peggy. Turns out Peggy is the daughter of said mobster and one of the most cold-blooded moments of the show’s short life thus far, Moretti tells the mobster via webcam to kill himself with the gun he lovingly packaged for him, or he’ll kill Peggy in front of him. Yes, the mobster killed himself in front of his daughter, allowing Moretti to make two points at one time–1) He’ll do worse to you what you do to him if you happen to cross him and 2) He will make you fear him so you won’t do anything to cross him. Of course, I don’t condone violence, but since we’re talking about mobsters, his actions are exactly what I expected from a show about mobsters, and since he seems to be the only bad guy willing to truly be a bad guy, he’s my favorite character. Read More...


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