Gossip Girl Season 6 Review “Gone Maybe Gone” – Fans of Dan Need Not Apply

Welcome back, Gossipers. Did you have a nice summer? Have the Dan-lovers finished licking their wounds? You know it’ll never heal if you keep picking at it. See, last year I tried to play fair and only took sides because the story happened to only make sense for one side. But this season is the last…and all bets are off. Consider this fair warning. I can’t stand Dan Humphrey and the season premiere, "Gone Maybe Gone," only served to cement my antipathy. Because really…is there anything left to love about Lonelyboy?

He spent the summer in Italy under the questionable tutelage of Georgina, writing a tell-all book on a typewriter as not to risk exposure via technology. Please. It wasn’t as if no one didn’t realize who his last book was about; not using clever nicknames like Sabrina for Serena isn’t going to make this one an instant bestseller. Dan is the absolute worst. He is the king of condescension and the emperor of self-righteousness. He stands in judgement of everyone in the world he never really had to be a part of, while he’s done nothing but try to gain acceptance and entrance into that world from day one. It’s like yelling at a bee for stinging you after you’ve stuck your hand in its nest to get honey. He has no one to blame but himself. Read More...



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